Saturday, July 02, 2011

Who is Afraid of Anton Chekhov

Who is afraid of Anton Chekhov?

A Critical Approach to “The peg”

By Mustafa Mudathir


“It's curious that we can't possibly tell what exactly will be considered great and important,
and what will seem paltry and ridiculous.Did not the discoveries of Copernicus or Columbus, let
us say, seem useless and ridiculous at first, while the nonsensical writings of some wiseacre
seemed true?” Anton Chekhov.

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do” Walter Bagehot.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Jesus Christ.

End of Introduction

تربصات عباد الشمس

تربصات عباد الشمس
قصة قصيرة
خيال علمي

خرجنا من سُبات المتربول، في رذاذ مطر
.صباحي، خفافاً
!تحتنا تبدو البنايات أدعى للشفقة من سكانها
.ثم عرجنا

In Arabic: Two Short Stories by James Joyce

قصص قصيرة مترجمة
جيمز جويس
ترجمة مصطفى مدثر

Recent Translations of short stories by James Joyce

قصة قصيرة
جيمس جويس
ترجمة: مصطفى مدثر

كان شارع نورث ريتشمند هادئاً، إلاّ ساعة تطلق مدرسة كريستيان برازرس سراح تلاميذها.
على الطرف المسدود منه، في مساحة مربعة ومنفصلا عن جيرانه، قام منزل من طابقين، غير مأهول.
المنازل الأخرى، بوعي بالحيوات الكريمة التي تقطنها، تبادلت من واجهاتها السمراء نظرات التحدي الباردة.
كان القس الذي سكن البيت قبلنا، قد مات في غرفة الاستقبال الخلفية. وفي جميع غرف المنزل علق الهواء فاسداً عطناً من طول انحباسه

Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Peg by Shawgi Badri (translated from Arabic)

The Peg
by Shawgi Badri
Translated from Arabic by
Mustafa Mudathir

Close to Midan Elrabie square in Omdurman, there existed in an area confined between the square and Elarbaeen Street, a small quarter consisting of two streets and a few lanes.
So many blind people lived in this quarter that it was known as Fareeg Amaiyah or the blinds’ quarter.
The houses in this quarter were simple, built with mud and some of them had Lalobe trees in their middle yards.
These blind people lived on beggary. Some kids would lead them in the early mornings to the city centre where they occupied strategic spots to practise their job. One kid might lead ten blind people with each of them clinging to the walking stick carried by the person ahead of him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

أنت ما انت

أنت ما أنت
(مرثية لصديقي حمودة فتح الرحمن
مهداة لصديقي الآخر الفاضل الهاشمي)

هل بصُرنا
بنهارٍ غمِقٍ
يورث الاشياءَ
نزعاتِ الذهابْ؟
انه الليلُ تغذى بالاسفْ وانمحاقاتِ الخيالِ


Once I lived in misery.
Once I lived alone.
Then I changed my address.

Unforetold Chronicles of A Death Forsaken


For the first time
I have an assumption that
surpasses in its grandeur the solid
facts of life.
For the first time uncertainty has flourished
into rich chronicles that anchored into
my days the kind of wakefulness
that no one would dare blink under its might.

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