Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unforetold Chronicles of A Death Forsaken


For the first time
I have an assumption that
surpasses in its grandeur the solid
facts of life.
For the first time uncertainty has flourished
into rich chronicles that anchored into
my days the kind of wakefulness
that no one would dare blink under its might.

I decided not to see the "event" under the scattered lights
I decided that, despite similarities, I would have
my own kaleidoscopic vision of
"this that took place"
Faint your lights as you wish
It would not matter to me!
I have been trained
to find where you are
for the last ten years
"They are trying to limit the search by glorifiying the demise"
They grabbed you by the liveliness
while many were watching
It does not matter how incompetent we all were
The thing is one cannot review the episode
without hitting the soul hard
... in the heart
exactly where it all formulated
where it really hurts
I know exactly how you think
You now exactly how I think
My assumption is/was your nightmare
Your uncertainty IS my torch
Let me say I did learn of every thing
that went around
May be!
I would rather call it
the wake of uncertainties
or, better still, the pride of invincible assumptions


We were watching Discovery channel
Wow! cried the sofa!
Have some lions,
zerbra and
Popcorn along the way
But, silent we fell.
A lion was finally
able to
catch a deer
while the other deers
were watching
They knew the lion would
ultimately get him
and there was nothing they could do
Hey man!
The best thing is not to watch!
Change the channel
for heavens sake!
Why the heck are you
To shed some tears?
Others have always watched
but never been able to help
This is the techno
You get first hand info
but umpteenth-hand courage
Globalism is complete impotence
if taken in the context of
seeing what has taken place


Your death was
like a post-modern tale
but also
like a bleeding lie!

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