Tuesday, February 28, 2006

هذا الذي يعتريك

هذا الذي يعتريك
ويبدو عليهْ
وذاك دليل حصارك
يلمع في إطار سيارة عابرةْ
للمناسبة، لا يغطيه رصيدْ
وأما الشراشف
فهي للحمامْ
لنا سهرة
! ليلة السبت هذي
وإن كنت على عزم البكاء
فدونك مزهرية

تغرق وردها بالدمع
مثلما أغرقته

بالقئ دوما

هذا يسمونه حزنا
وتلك أيامه والى الابدْ
يخرج من صلب الاحدْ
ترائبَ الاربعاءْ
والنزقَ الذي يُضئ ليلة الخميسْ
ليلاقي بويضة إنتظارك التعيسْ
في رحمِ
ولا تسلني ما يلدْ


Anonymous said...

you know what! listening to poetry is far better than reading it. you know the music of poetry and the rythms are enhanced by reciting it. especially if the recitation was performed by the poet him/herself. your voice, by the way, is very similar to Wardi's when he speaks! Are you nubian as well? we can assume that your singing voice is quite good.
thanks and take care.
i liked very much your poetic and aesthetic description of alcohol-induced-vomiting. but if you could replace the word with another one, that would be far better!

mustafa mudathir said...

ياهلا ب يوناني مص
معليش في الاصرار على الفوناتيكس
الذي يقود للضحك
I believe your point about recitation is remarkable. This kind of poetry obscures that spontaneous musicality sought for by the reader. Reading reconciles this matter and restores equilibrium. Reading has always popularized literary expression. In the past, poetic expression was driven within majestic linguistic measures. Now it is more about signifying a feeling or a fraction of it, for that matter, with music kind of back stage. You gotta use your 'equalizer' to play back and fortht whichever beat or pause.
Reciting makes it easier for the reader to obtain his 'own' copy of the poem.
Alcohol-induced-vomiting! Seperating these words by dashes is itself poetic. But you are making an ineresting assumption.
Yet, I don't see why I should
change it if you liked it.
Good to exchange with you and hope
to read more views from you.

mustafa mudathir said...

تصويب لأعلاه
أوناني مص وليست يوناني مص


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